Blazing Fast Magento on 1&1 Dedicated Server

We’ve set up quite a few Magento sites on various server environments and one of the best deals for a small to medium traffic site is the 1&1 Dedicated Server L4i. Out of the box the server is not optimized but we’ve worked up a guide to get you started. We also offer setup and customization for specific sites, if you need assistance please get in touch.

We recommend initiating the server with CentOS 6 with Parallels Plesk Panel 11
You’ll need to backup your Plesk Licenses
Re-Image your 1&1 Server with CentOS 6 Minimal System (64-bit)
Clean Install Plesk 11.5
Uninstall MySQL and Install MariaDB 5.5 & Upgrade DB’s
Make & Install additional versions of PHP (5.4 or 5.5)
Make & Install APC Opcode Cache if using PHP 5.3 or 5.4
Install Fail2Ban and customize for Plesk 11.5 Logfiles
Extend the HD Partition Beyond 1&1 Default of 10GB