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Magento Services

K3Live is a team of Magento experts. We aren't just one step in a project; we are the entire process. From building custom themes and extensions to marketing your website through efficient SEO, our team is dedicated to drive your business towards success. There are no limits to what we can create. Whether you are a small, healthy business, or a large established businesses, we will take you to the next step. Trust the professionals at K3Live to keep you moving forward with your next Magento project.

A sophisticated and well developed e-store is needed for the success of any online business. The appearance of your e-store determines its success, as it is the first point of contact between your business and your customers. A great website design not only makes your e-store stand out from those of competitors but also enhances the image of your business.

Magento extensions play a vital role in setting up and successfully operating e-stores. They help in expanding, advancing and enhancing Magento, to allow marketers to establish professional e-stores that are in line with their E-Commerce requirements and their customers' expectations. Extensions form the framework of Magento as they address the functional requirements of the e-store.

Put the power and functionality of Magento eCommerce in the palm of your customer's hands with Magento Mobile. Offering seamless integration with your current product catalog and a native application platform for iPad, iPhone and Android, all run from one admin panel, Magento Mobile will allow you to reach out to your customers like never before.

With Magento Connect, you will have access to thousands of extensions totaling millions of downloads that will help you keep your store up to date and put the tools to succeed in your hands. Some of the most popular categories include:
-> Administration
-> Billing and Invoice
-> Customer Service
-> Payments and Gateways
-> Performance
-> Pricing & Promotions

A noteworthy characteristic of Magento is its fundamental SEO features. Of all the E-Commerce platforms, Magento is known to be the most search engine friendly. A search engine optimizer requires a platform that provides the freedom to exercise on-site optimization and Magento does just that.

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