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Magento Woopra Visitor & Action Schemas

Visitor Data Schema
Property Name Display Name Type Description
name Name string Customers name.
email Email string Customers email address.
phone Telephone string Customers telephone number.
company Company string Customers company.
location Location string Customers address location.
group Group string Customers group.
create_date Account Created string Date customer created account.
lifetime_orders Lifetime Orders number Total order(s) by customer.
lifetime_sales LifeTime Sales number Total of order(s) by customer.
cart_items Cart Items number Quantity of items in customer cart.
cart_total Cart Total number Subtotal of customer cart.
wishlist_items Wishlist Items number Quantity of items in customer wishlist.
wishlist_total Wishlist Total number Subtotal of customer wishlist.

Action Data Schema
Event Name Display Name Event Properties - Key (Type) Template
catalog_search Catalog Search keywords (string) ${} searched for ${action.keywords}.
checkout_billing_address Checkout Billing Address   ${} is entering a billing address in checkout.
checkout_payment_method Checkout Payment Method   ${} is selecting a payment method in checkout.
checkout_review Checkout Review   ${} is reviewing the order in checkout.
checkout_shipping_address Checkout Shipping Address   ${} is entering a shipping address in checkout.
checkout_shipping_method Checkout Shipping Method   ${} is selecting a shipping method in checkout.
checkout_success Checkout Success coupon_code (string)
discount_amount (number)
order_id (string)
payment_cc_type (string)
payment_method (string)
profit (number)
shipping_amount (number)
shipping_method (string)
subtotal (number)
total (number)
total_items_ordered (number)
weight (number)
${} completed checkout.<br>
Order Id: ${action.order_id}<br>
Order Total: $${}<br>
Items Ordered: ${action.total_items_ordered}<br>
Profit: $${action.profit}
contact_form_sent Contact Form Sent customer_comment (string)
customer_email (string)
customer_name (string)
customer_telephone (string)
${action.customer_name} used the contact form.<br>
Email: ${action.customer_email}<br>
Telephone: ${action.customer_telephone}<br>
Comment: ${action.customer_comment}
coupon_added Coupon Added coupon_code (string)
coupon_code_active (string)
coupon_code_name (string)
coupon_code_validity (string)
${} added coupon ${action.coupon_code} (${action.coupon_code_name}) which is ${action.coupon_code_validity} (${action.coupon_code_active}).
coupon_removed Coupon Removed coupon_code (string)
coupon_code_active (string)
coupon_code_name (string)
coupon_code_validity (string)
${} removed coupon ${action.coupon_code} (${action.coupon_code_name}).
customer_changed_password Changed Password   ${} changed password.
customer_create_account Create Account   ${} started creating an account.
customer_create_account_success Create Account Success   ${} completed creating an account.
customer_logged_in Customer Logged In   ${} logged in.
customer_logged_out Customer Logged Out   ${} logged out.
estimate_post Estimate Shipping country (string)
state (string)
zip (number)
${} estimated shipping to ${} - ${action.state} - ${}.
product_added_to_cart Product Added to Cart product_name (string)
product_price (number)
product_sku (string)
${} added ${action.product_name} (${action.product_sku} - $${action.product_price}) to the shopping cart.
product_added_to_compare Product Added to Compare product_name (string)
product_price (number)
product_sku (string)
${} added ${action.product_name} (${action.product_sku} - $${action.product_price}) to compare.
product_added_to_wishlist Product Added to Wishlist product_name (string)
product_price (number)
product_sku (string)
${} added ${action.product_name} (${action.product_sku} - $${action.product_price}) to the wishlist.
product_removed_from_cart Product Removed from Cart product_name (string)
product_price (number)
product_sku (string)
${} removed ${action.product_name} (${action.product_sku} - $${action.product_price}) from the shopping cart.
product_removed_from_compare Product Removed from Compare product_name (string)
product_price (number)
product_sku (string)
${} removed ${action.product_name} (${action.product_sku} - $${action.product_price}) from compare.
product_removed_from_wishlist Product Removed from Wishlist product_name (string)
product_price (number)
product_sku (string)
${} removed ${action.product_name} (${action.product_sku} - $${action.product_price}) from wishlist.
product_review_posted Product Review Posted product_name (string)
product_price (number)
product_sku (string)
review_detail (string)
review_nickname (string)
review_title (string)
${} posted a review on ${action.product_name} (${action.product_sku} - $${action.product_price}).<br>
Customer Nickname: ${action.review_nickname}<br>
Review Title: ${action.review_title}<br>
Review Detail: ${action.review_detail}
product_review_read Product Review Read product_name (string)
product_price (number)
product_sku (string)
${} is reading the review(s) of ${action.product_name} (${action.product_sku} - $${action.product_price})
product_tag_added Product Tag Added product_name (string)
product_price (number)
product_sku (string)
product_tagged (string)
${} added the tag(s) ${action.product_tagged} to ${action.product_name} (${action.product_sku} - $${action.product_price})
subscribed Newsletter Subscribe email (string) ${} (${}) subscribed to newsletter.
unsubscribed Newsletter Unsubscribe email (string) ${} (${}) unsubscribed from newsletter.